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powerc responsive website

HiSOFT has been managing the powerc.com website since the year 2000. Throughout the years, we have worked closely with the management at Power Computing to help share their vision of a powerful yet easy-to-use online custom pc builder.

Customer satisfaction has been our priority at all times.

The video above shows how easy it is to select new components for a custom PC and how the price and description of the build updates automatically on this selection. The new component can be selected either by using the drop-downs, the check boxes or by clicking the 'i'nfo button and selecting from the subsequent modal.

Other features that we've included over the years are:

  • SagePay Support
  • DekoPay (pay4later) integration
  • PayPal support
  • Self-contained blog
  • Complete repairs mini-site
  • and much more; visit powerc.com to see for yourself