Our Services

Website Design

HiSOFT can offer you a range of services to create or improve your presence on the web. Whether we are designing a single page website or a full ecommerce system you can be assured that we will invest the same dedication and professionalism - no matter who the client is or how large the task.

We believe that the keys to a successful website are simplicity and speed. Your visitors need to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and they won’t plough through a heavily laden web page just to find your address or to buy something. Every unnecessary step you force your customers to go through increases the chance of them getting bored and going elsewhere.

We will design your pages to be easy-to-navigate, swift to load and pleasing on the eye, encouraging your customers to come back for more.

We will use modern techniques to ensure that your site attracts the search engines, while being viewable in the maximum number of web browsers.

At all times, we will be available to talk you through the process to create a presence that reflects what you want while maximising your web identity.

Prices start from £200 for a simple site and rise, depending on the complexity of the work - we will always quote you a firm price before we start.

responsive design


In addition to designing your website, we can also host it for you on our own dedicated servers.

Prices start from £79 per year including the price of your domain name and our basic support plan.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or a quote for your particular solution.


Over many years, we have developed our own ecommerce solution which is currently in use on many extremely successful websites.

This is a bespoke solution which we will tailor to your needs but, unlike most custom solutions, it comes at a surprisingly reasonable price.

We design the templates and run the code on our own servers while you are in charge of managing the orders, products and all aspects of the backend.

Shop Features

Some of the features that can be included are:-

  • Unlimited number of products, with stock control, serial numbers and a wide range of categories
  • Customer can tailor the product to his/her requirements e.g. to build a custom pc
  • Secure customer login and account management
  • Vouchers to encourage your customers to return to your site Customer reviews
  • Flexible order-fulfilment which emails the customer at every stage of the process
  • Orders are emailed to you via pgp-encryption - you can take credit/debit card payments offline or online through Paypal, SagePay, Stripe etc. … and much more.

The price is based on the complexity of the initial design plus a monthly fee that covers hosting, domain name, secure certificates, rental of the code plus our premium support services.

Please contact us for a quote.

Other Services

We can advise on most aspects of using and working with the web and computers in general, including getting the most out of search engines - just contact us and ask about our consultancy services.