About HiSOFT

Our History

HiSOFT has been in existence since 1980, founded by David Link and Dave Nutkins.

Originally we created software for the NASCOM 1 kit-built microcomputer but swiftly moved on to the ZX Spectrum, for which we created many esoteric items such as HiSOFT Devpac, HiSOFT C, HiSOFT BASIC, HiSOFT Pascal, UltraKit, Colt and much more.

After great success with the various incarnations of the Spectrum we ported our core titles (Devpac, C++ and Pascal) to many other Z80-based computers; Tatung Einstein, Newbrain, Memotech 512, Amstrad CPC& PCW, Elan Enterprise and more!

'Twas a lot of fun and, undoubtedly, this list will stir as much excitement in some people as David's favourite band since 1971, Genesis, do in him!

After the Z80 processor began to flag (shame!), we moved on to the 68000 which meant moving stuff over to the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga. This, along with many hardware projects (such as Megalosound, Replay 16, Clarity 16, Squirrel SCSI, VideoMaster etc.) kept us going through the 90s until, reluctantly, we were forced to take the PC seriously.

Having forged a close relationship with MAXON Computer in Germany throughout the Amiga and Atari years, it was natural for us to take on the UK mantle for their flagship product, CINEMA 4D, an exciting and now rather important 3D product.

HiSOFT promoted, distributed and sold CINEMA 4D from 1997 until 2001, at which point David Link formed MAXON Computer Ltd and moved all things CINEMA 4D under the MAXON umbrella. David worked at MAXON UK as CEO until resigning for personal reasons in early 2003.

David Link continues to work at HiSOFT, as you will see from this website, while also trying to earn some money running the odd pub, café and seaside bar/restaurant/guest house!